The Captain's Compass has move to the James Young Marina in Fat Hog Bay, East End, Tortola, BVI.
    Sailors will find Fat Hog Bay and the JY Marina are safe and easily accessed, the channel is well marked, the dock is in very good shape, and Moor Secure is repairing or replacing all 8 balls on the dock and 10 balls in the harbor.
    For the Yachts there is Diesel and Gasoline 200' West on the Chalwell dock.
    On shore there is a large laundry, a car rental, and a small convenience store with Ice.
    Only a 2 minute walk West is a fully stocked Riteways grocery store with all the American brands of provisions, and fresh fruits & vegetables and meats & baking.
    And next to the Riteways is a well-stocked Ships' Chandlery.
    For my Guests there's Brandywine Bay Restaurant to the west and the Loose Mongoose Restaurant to the east, each in a 7 min / 7 $ taxi.
    It is the ex Away&Aweigh, ex Navigare, ex Pro Valor, ex Barecat, ex Seabreeeze, and ex Go Vacations marina.,-64.562738,348m/data=!3m1!1e

     For Flights -

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    Study of When to Buy -
    Regardless of the Date You Fly, it is often more economical to Buy The Ticket on-line mid-week. Check after 6 PM EST on Tuesday or all of Wednesday.
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    Flights -
    May I suggest You consider flying through San Juan P.R. (SJU) to the BVI (EIS).
    Please book directly with the Airline.
    Cape Air and Silver/Seaborne have Code share with some of the major airlines.
    With most code share it is the responsibility of the Airline to get You and your crew and all their bags to the BVI, regardless of winter weather or aircraft issues or aircraft crew issues such as time-outs or virus tests.
    There are more flights through San Juan (SJU) to the USA, than St. Thomas (STT) to the USA, so there is more flexibility in SJU for delays and re-booking, and possibly a better price through SJU.
    If You are brave enough, you may consider ‘hacking' a separate ticket RT between SJU/BVI for a better price.
    You can connect to an evening flight from SJU to the BVI and enjoy a Sleepaboard.
    If you need to overnight on the way down good options are SJU or FLL.
    The Ferry cost is about $100 each way with Taxi and Taxes and Baggage costs.
    The ferries are now within about $100 of the price of a flight with all the Taxes and Taxis and Baggage fees.

    Don't forget to check flights to St. Martin (SXM) and a flight on WinAir (WM 49) at 6:40 PM from St. Martin to the BVI.

    Flying into STT -
    Do Not make reservations or pre-purchase ferry tickets. The schedule changes hourly, despite what you may be told over the phone or see listed on web sites.
    The ferries have raised their prices, added baggage fees, and there are now arrival and departure taxes in both the BVI and USVI. There are fewer ferries running due to Cat 5 Irma.
    If you choose to go through STT and then by ferry to the BVI -          
    The ferry schedules are all very unreliable and change by the hour.
    The last ferry is at about 4:00 PM from downtown Charlotte Amalie, STT.
    There may be a 5:00 ferry from Red Hook, East End, STT, but it is often the same ferry that left downtown at 4:00 PM.
    If you arrive in STT before 3:00 PM you should be able to catch the 4:00 PM downtown ferry. 
    These 2 Water Taxi companies do have unlimited access to all the BVI docks -
    Flying out of STT -
    If you have a flight before 3 PM in St.Thomas you will need to catch the 7 AM (9 AM Sunday) ferry from Roadtown so you will need to come in the previous afternoon before 4 PM to Nanny Cay for fuel.
    If you have a flight after 3 PM in in St. Thomas you can catch the 10 AM ferry from Roadtown so you will need to come in by 8:30 AM to Nanny Cay for fuel.
    Please – If you call Mr. George Taxi , 1.284.499.2656 , or Mr. Dougie Taxi , 1.284.542.8000 ,  reliable and economical , he will drop your deck crew at the yacht, and then immediately take your galley crew to Riteways, the only reliable grocery option , to provision and return within the hour.
    Very good taxi drivers in the BVI are -
    Mr. George 1.284.499.2656 (West to Roadtown)
    Dougie - 1.284.542.8000 (Airport)
     Good hotels in the BVI are -
    Maria's by the Sea (Road Town)
    Tel # 1.284.494.2595
    Nanny Cay (closest to The Captains Compass)
    Tel # 1.284.494.2512
    If you get stuck in STT I would recommend -
    Tel # 1.340.774.5200
    Good taxi driver in STT is -