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Leopard 43 

 Brent Here!

    Since starting on Nov 1 we cleared the decks on the 6 yachts in the trees and brought the first of those boats to the dock.

    On Nov 10 I received written authorization from the Insurance Company to act as General Contractor for the repairs and I received the reparation quotes for each yacht from the Riggers.

On Dec 5th we did our First Charter of the 2017 / 2018 Season 

    Restaurants and businesses are re-opening up every day. Utilities and food supplies are improving every week. Riteways Grocery store is fully stocked with fresh Dairy and Triple A USDA Beef.
    The nautical side is clear and gentle and sublime as 50 years ago, there are less boats, and all the old fashioned beach bars are new and clean and green .

     I am healthy and energized and looking forward to the next Great Challenge of my Life!
No Salted Interiors! No Salvaged Electronics!
No Cannabalized Engines! No Frankenstein Masts!


Founder & Owner & Operator
Pro Valor Charters 1992
Pro Valor Sailing Academy 1993

Leopard 43 

'Skoolzout' Beneteau 43

MONOS $2800 to $4200
CATS $3500 to $5900